Songs of Friendship: A Storytelling Cycle

James Rowland’s Storytelling Trilogy

Over the last three years Songs of Friendship has been assembled here at VAULT Festival. Team Viking, A Hundred Different Words for Love and Revelations are about Love and Life and Death.

Also lots of jokes about bums and stuff.

This might be the only time I get to do them all together so I’m really excited about it. Please come.

Wednesday 19:15 – Team Viking
Thurs 19:15 – A Hundred Different Words For Love
Fri 19:15 – Revelations

There is one ticket for all three shows on the Saturday. So £25 quid for a hubristic one off showing of the stories. I’m aware that is three hours listening to me chatting on. Of course I’m aware. I’m doing it. I just want you to be clear that that’s what you would be signing up for.

Sat 14:45 – Team Viking
Sat 17:00 – A Hundred Different Words For Love
Sat 19:15 – Revelations

Made With Daniel Goldman.

1hr 00m
The Vaults
14 — 17 Mar 19:15
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About the company

Daniel Goldman is very talented.

James Rowland is lucky to be here.

Press & Reviews

Praise for James Rowland

"Joyous and life affirming"
The Stage

"Beautiful, simple, funny and utterly engaging"
The Reviews Hub

"A wordy c**t"
Broadway Baby

"The best Theatre I saw in Edinburgh 2016"
Stewart Lee

"Charming, hirsute, pot-bellied"
The Times