Sophie Hates Theatre

Presented by The Bishop Sisters

Lucy has dedicated her life to the theatre. Growing up she spent her summers leaping in the background of youth productions. Now, she relentlessly hops from auditions to her day job as an actor in London. Performing runs through her blood.

Sophie, her big sister, is a crotchety academic who hates the world of theatre. Sophie has decided it’s finally time to let performers know how much she hates them. She is doing this in the only way she knows she can get their attention: putting it in a play. She’s forcing Lucy to help her, but Lucy has her own plan. She’s trying to change Sophie’s mind.

Sophie Hates Theatre is a funny, charming exploration into diverse experiences of theatre, seen through the eyes of two members of one family. The production uses stories from childhood, teenagerhood and adulthood to create something you (and hopefully Sophie) will enjoy. It critically examines the pleasures and problems of theatre using comedy, flash dance, manifesto, informal storytelling and having a chat.

Imagine the Von Trapps, but if there were only two of them, they engaged in critical discourse, were uniquely charming and disagreed more. So... nothing like the Von Trapps then.

Theatre & Performance
Varies 16 Mar
The Horse & Stables
1hr 00m
Female LedObservationalTheatrical
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About the company

The Bishop Sisters

We are The Bishop Sisters

We are two sisters who work in different fields with a mutual interest in critical discourse, storytelling and comedy. Lucy Bishop is an actor and theatre maker. She trained on the BA Physical Theatre at East 15. She predominately works as a devisor/ performer with company such as Theatre Temoin, Magic Maverick, Kick the Dirt and Little Soldiers . She is also a founding member of award winning company The Outbound Project supported by The New Diorama and Greenwich theatre. Sophie Bishop is a full time PhD student who received an Academic Excellence scholarship from the University of East London’s School of Arts and Digital Industries. Her project is a feminist investigation into beauty vlogging and creative entrepreneurship on YouTube. She is also an associate lecturer in Media and Advertising, and a fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


Performed Created by Sophie and Lucy Bishop
Directed by Roisin Crowley Linton
Associate directors: Emma Williams, Alice lamb & Tom Chamberlin
Powerpoint by Tom Rolfe
Music composed by Tom Popperwell
Costumes by Mary Bishop (Our Mum)

Press & Reviews

Shortlisted for the Untapped Award
Supported by Tobacco Factory
Lyn Gardner- Do let me know if it has further life
Lyn Gardner- This sounds such fun
Lyn Gardner- The blurb made me smile