Such Filthy F*cks

Presented by Smoke & Oakum Theatre

Such Filthy F*cks’ is the story of Jules and Luka. Two ordinary people, who have never met, stumbling through their fairly average lives, but all the while completely, utterly and hopelessly addicted to porn.

What began as temptation has developed into a lifestyle, and soon they find themselves planning every section of their day around the next hit, the next video and the next... y’know.

As the addiction grows, so too do the obstacles facing them. Relationships collapse, time always seems to be running out and normal sexual relationships become impossible, as they grow ever more desensitised to the world around them.

Eventually they cross the final frontier, becoming so utterly entranced and comfortable with the world of online porn that the idea of sex with a human is not only implausible, it’s frankly a bit revolting. Suddenly the world opens up before them, no innate sexual desire means they can focus on their jobs, work longer hours, they’ve remove the fear of loneliness or unfilled desire, truly platonic friendships flourish and any unwanted twitch of lust is easily fixed.

Until, that is, they meet.

And so they begin trying to claw their way back into the real world. They give up porn, see therapists, confess to friends and family and try desperately to rediscover that feeling of desire and passion for another human.

But will they make it? Will they manage to wrench themselves free from one of the 21st centuries biggest social contagions? Or will they slip back to into the sanitised and isolated world, just waiting for them in their pockets?

Theatre & Performance
Varies13 — 17 Mar
Brick Hall - The Vaults, Leake Street
1hr 00m
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About the company

Smoke & Oakum Theatre

Smoke & Oakum Theatre is an award-winning new writing company. Since 2014, our work has enjoyed great critical acclaim and played to packed houses all over the UK.

Our signature style of humour and quick-fire dialogue, coupled with bold and unique storytelling has seen our plays win awards, tour nationally and be published by the likes of Nick Hern Book and Methuen Drama. We have partnered with theatres and charities from all over the country and continue to produce powerful stories in a complex world.

Now, in 2019, we return to the VAULT Festival to debut our latest, and filthiest, show to date.



Press & Reviews

Praise for Previous Work:

The Stage **** - "Superb, witty and well-observed”

Everything Theatre **** - “One of the best plays I’ve seen this year... an absolute must-see”

The Scotsman **** - "Thrilling"

Exeunt Magazine **** - “My pick of VAULT Festival 2017 – There, I said it.”

Broadway Baby **** - "Insanely polished"

Winner of the 2017 Show of the Week Award at VAULT Festival

Nominated 2015 Amnesty International Freedom of Speech Award

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