The De Nova Super

What good is space when you’re running out of time?

The De Nova Super is floating in space.

It is the first of its kind, a spacecraft powered by nuclear fusion in order to send it further than any manmade vessel has ever ventured before. With the Earth depleted of natural resources, the Super’s mission is crucial to the survival of the human race, of life itself. It was lost. Until now.

Col and Special, deep space salvage operators floating through the universe, have stumbled across a signal from this lost spacecraft. They feel compelled to investigate, and attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding what happened to the De Nova Super and her crew.

An odd couple, they are bound by the isolation of space, time and their mission. However, this change in course carries profound risks. These will force the pair to make decisions which could have catastrophic consequences for humanity.

The De Nova Super harbours secrets buried deep with its ill-fated crew, but in order to understand them, the lonely adventurers must first understand themselves, for even they are not quite what they seem. Time is running out to discover the truth, but is it the clock that’s ticking?

The De Nova Super is A Brilliant Everything’s first presentation, cultivating an intimate show about gigantic themes.

We use the audience’s imagination to help breathe life into the future of the human race.

There is more to who we are. We just need space to discover it.

1hr 00m
The Vaults
14 — 18 Feb 21:30
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About the company

A Brilliant Everything

A BRILLIANT EVERYTHING has been set up by Alex Hughes. An Actor in Film, Television and Theatre. Originally trained in Fine Art and Film he has worked extensively on Character work and Improvisation – most recently on SECRET CINEMA’s last four Productions.

Will Palmer is a Movement and Puppetry specialist and was head puppeteer in WAR HORSE both in the NATIONAL THEATRE/WEST END Productions. Also having worked with SECRET CINEMA he shares a passion for Physical Comedy and the Absurd.

We want to tell a story from the ground up using whatever means is at hand.

Artistic Team
Written & Performed by
Alex Hughes and Will Palmer