The Forest of Phantasmagorias

A holographic phantasmagoria from the augmented dreamscape of Aves.

Delve into a holographic universe of mystifying creatures, foreboding tales, and phantasmagorias hidden deep within the augmented woods of Aves, in Tinderdust’s The Forest of Phantasmagorias.

Premiered at Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition in August 2017, this full length production utilises cutting edge holographic technology to evoke digital microcosms, and transports audiences into holographic realms where dreams and nightmares intertwine, and the boundaries of reality are eradicated.

0hr 45m
The Vaults
15 — 16 Feb 22:30
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About the company


Tinderdust is an experimental holographic duo from London. We debuted The Forest of Phantasmagorias at The Royal Academy of Arts ‘The Other Paradise’ as part of RA’s Summer Exhibition 2017. We have been programmed into Watermans Arts Centre’s Digital Weekender Festival- a 2 day festival showcasing artists working on the forefront of cutting edge technology. Tinderdust’s music draws inspiration from the subconscious mind, the involuntary, spontaneous relationship between sound and imagery, and how this amalgamation births different realities and dreamscapes, which we translate into holographic microcosms, taking place in the augmented universe of Aves.

Artistic Team
Director, Composer& Visual Effects
Adeline Rozario
David Kerry
Animator & Visual Effects
Matthew Isteed & Vanessa Oliveira
Joseph Sciberras Margrie & Anissa Nicastro