The Good Landlord

Presented by Metamorph Theatre

The Good Landlord, written by Michael Ross and Directed by Cat Robey:

Desperate for somewhere affordable to live in London, recent graduates Tom and Ed see a cheap, spacious, centrally located flat which seems too good to be true. And so it transpires, as every surface in the flat is covered by cameras, broadcasting to an unseen landlord.

They are assured that this is merely for ‘security purposes’ by Clarissa, amoral head of a bespoke boutique estate agency. Whilst Tom is horrified by the cameras, Ed positively loves the idea of being watched over by a benevolent authority figure and coaxes Tom to move in.

Meanwhile, Clarissa’s new young PA Bryony has covertly gained access to the camera feed at Tom and Ed’s flat and begins watching; only to becomes increasingly infatuated with Tom. As Briony’s addiction, Tom’s anxiety,
and Ed’s profound enthusiasm for the cameras go haywire, the Good Landlord begins to dislike what he sees...

Theatre & Performance
Varies06 — 10 Feb
Cavern - The Vaults, Leake Street
1hr 00m
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About the company

Metamorph Theatre

Metamorph Theatre was created by Maximillian Davey, Rupert Sadler and Joshua Stretton in September 2017 and launched the following May with its inaugural Picked + Mixed plays new writing night at The Bunker Theatre. Picked + Mixed has now moved to The Arcola Theatre and continues to discover new writers, theatre makers, and provide a platform for emerging artists. At the Bunker in May, Metamorph showcased the first part of The Good Landlord as part of its ongoing development. Under the directorship of Cat Robey and writer Michael Ross, the Good landlord has been the developed by the performers using improvisation and devised theatre techniques. Taking inspiration from artists like Mike Leigh the piece has evolved over the course of the year with Michael carefully adjusting the script before burying himself in his process to complete the final draft.

The Good Landlord is the first in-house production for Metamorph Theatre. As well as performers Maximillian and Rupert, the company has brought on actors Tiwalade Ibirogba Olulode and Phoebe Batterson-Brown into the cast, as well as assistant director Siar Kanik to complete the project in time for its debut as Vault 2018 in early February.


Writer - Michael Ross
Director - Cat Robey
Assistant Director - Siar Kanik
Music and Sound - Nima Chatrizeh
Technician- Heidi Blackaby

Clarissa - Phoebe Batteson-Brown
Tom - Maximillian Davey
Bryony - Tiwalade Ibirogba Olulode
Ed - Rupert Sadler

Photo Credit: Ali Wright

Press & Reviews

4 Stars - 'Spy in the Stalls' - Addison Waite

'A delightfully weird comedy where it feels like anything can happen.'

4 Stars - 'Within Her Words' - Amy Toledo

'It speaks interestingly about society and its ever-growing obsession with surveillance and the constant need to know everything about everyone and the idea that we must be "on the ball 24/7". In turn it also does well at showing the other side of this desire. It illustrates the readiness for which young people have for sharing intimate, important details of themselves through social media and the acceptance that this is simply the current state of the world.'

3 Stars - The Guardian - Miriam Gillinson

'The actors thrive. Maximillian Davey plays Tom as a bumbling and likable straight man, driven to the streets to avoid the landlord’s gaze. Rupert Sadler, as the acquiescent Ed, stalks the stage with his eyes raised permanently upwards, pleading with the landlord who lurks above... It’s a brilliant comic turn with dark undertones as we watch a man lose himself without a second’s thought as to what he might be giving up, to get ahead.'