The Incubus

Presented by The Tom Sawyer Effect

You have potential. The Foundation has the skills to unlock it.

But, are you brave enough to delve deep into the dark recesses of your mind in search of answers?

Blending Virtual Reality with live immersive elements, The Incubus is one of the UK’s first hyper-real VR horror experiences. You will enter on your own... but no-one is ever truly alone.

In its search to modernise humanity, The Foundation is offering lucky candidates a chance to take part in its new Incubus programme that combines ASMR, VR and psychological techniques to tap your latent abilities. Conquer your fears, overcome your mental blocks, discover the truth... that you are limitless.

Our emotional engineers await you.

Please note : Incubus is a 1:1 horror experience for over 15s. Anyone with pregnant, elderly, with binocular vision abnormalities or psychiatric disorders, heart conditions or other serious medical conditions should see a doctor before participating.

Theatre & Performance
Varies06 Feb — 03 Mar
Unit 9 - Leake Street
0hr 20m
Combo OfferImmersiveInteractiveMultimedia
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About the company

The Tom Sawyer Effect

We believe in pervasive experiences. We create and implement interactive narratives and games that unfold across social media, mobile and the real world.

Our team has produced many large scale immersive theatre and live game productions over the years. We have delivered immersive experiences for CapCom, CD Projekt Red, The Royal Court Theatre, TomTom and authors Stephen King and Robert Galbraith. We were also partners in the creation of hit escape game Time Run. Most recently we have worked with the Eden Project in Cornwall to create both an escape game and a large-scale immersive experience for families: Alien Encounter.


Production director: Ben Mason
Experience consultant & lead writer: Andy Walsh
VR director: Michele Fiascaris
VR Producer: Filippo Polesel
Lead actor: Rob Thompson

Press & Reviews

Praise for The Pendulum:

No Proscenium: "Within 15 minutes The Pendulum has cultivated a visceral reaction. I know I’ll be feeling the adrenaline high for the rest of the evening.”

LondonTheatre1: Four stars. "I’ve been waiting for VR (Virtual Reality) to become consumer friendly for some time and I’ve waited for it to arrive in popular culture.

In many ways, The Pendulum is that arrival.”

ScareFlix and Thrill: "A truly impressive piece of theatre that is quick to immerse you in its universe and make you question what you perceive as reality"