The Lifeboat

It's every man, woman and robot for themselves.

One minute you’re sailing across the solar system, the next you’re banged up in the ramshackle hold of a Bounty Hunter’s ship. What else could go wrong…

The Lifeboat is an eight person escape room inspired by the great science fiction films of the seventies and eighties.

Locked aboard a prison ship with a grim history of its own, you’ll need to scavenge for clues and crack devious puzzles if you’re to escape.

The oxygen supply is running low, the ship’s computer has lost its mind and that lifeboat won’t wait forever. Get out while you still can!

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0hr 30m
Unit 9
24 Jan — 18 Mar 18:10
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About the company

mostly harmless… is the brainchild of Tom Hall. Co-director of the Manchester Crystal Maze Experience, survivor of Heist and general interactive theatre stalwart.