The Maniac Complex

Project Lockout

Dance & Physical Theatre
22 Mar, 22 Mar
Crescent - The Vaults, Leake Street
1hr 00m
Physical Theatre Spoken Word True Story
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Contains Themes of Mental Health, Drugs and Suicide
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The Maniac Complex

“I swear for this- in this moment I’m dreaming. And I’ll end up believing my mind’s complexities in telling me what I shouldn’t be.” - Show Extract

Abstract in nature, we meet Sam. As he journeys towards the pier his world becomes fragmented as he feels his personality splitting. Gripped by a MANIAC within - Sam’s story doesn’t only belong to him.

Driven by true stories and crafted through free-writing, Project Lockout’s 3rd show taps into the mental health of young adults and brings it to the forefront.

Built around the concept of personifying the darkest corner of our mind, The Maniac Complex thrills through a physical ensemble of actors as themselves in mime-inspired attire and face-painted masks concealing all that which we hide beneath our very own smiles.

“Immersive, inventive and incredible. The sheer brilliant use of light and sound. It’s so original.” - Audience Member

The five performers control the stage elements; from torches and portable lanterns to an old corded telephone wire, all wielded through tightly-knit choreography.

Through dynamic movement, intricate sound design and cinematic mime, Project Lockout’s London debut promises to deliver an incredible, emotional and powerful theatrical experience.

Written by the company/cast. Directed by Michael Lynch.

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About Project Lockout


Founder and Artistic Director of Project Lockout, Michael Lynch (Frantic Assembly Ignition Graduate 2015 and East 15 Acting School Physical Theatre Graduate 2019) formed the theatre company Project Lockout with fellow East 15 Physical Theatre and World Performance students during 2017.

Project Lockout began on the foundation of combining spoken word and movement within theatre. This led to the company’s ethos of giving people a voice through free writing - in particular young adults.

In its artistic development, Project Lockout continually seeks to develop their methods of creating movement. Discovering their own language, the company seeks to reignite the artform of mime- slowly reintroducing the medium within their work under the banner of cinematic-mime.

During the company's time at East 15 Acting School, Project Lockout's body of work consists of three theatrical shows: The Things That I’ve Dismissed (Southend Fringe Festival 2017), Feel The Fear (Southend Fringe 2018, Fusion Theatre Festival Cambridge 2018 and Camden Fringe 2018) and now, The Maniac Complex (Headliner of the Southend Fringe Festival 2019), two art films: The Creation Day: I Believe In and The Creation Day: I Never Thought, and street performance, Announcement, as well as numerous video projects.

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The Maniac Complex

Project Lockout

Dates & Times

Sunday 22 March Sun 22 Mar 15:15 £15.00 Venue: Crescent - The Vaults, Leake Street Book Now
Sunday 22 March Sun 22 Mar 21:15 £15.00 Venue: Crescent - The Vaults, Leake Street Book Now

The Maniac Complex

Project Lockout

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