The Pendulum

A Hyper Reality Horror Experience blending VR with immersive theatre

You have the secret that could bring down the Foundation.

They have The Pendulum, a device that will reveal your darkest fears.

Can you resist & survive The Pit?

One of the first hyper-reality experiences to have been put on in the UK, The Pendulum will blend virtual reality, physical sensations and immersive theatre into an unnerving interactive horror for one person.

The Pendulum is loosely based on the original Edgar Allen Poe story but really inspired by Eighties visceral & psychological horror movies from Kronenberg to Hellraiser, along with the immersive potential of VR.

This site-specific, one on one performance has different endings depending on how you fare once you are inside and, of course, if you make it to the end…

Please note that this performance uses VR and may not be suitable for people with epilepsy. For further information, please get in touch with

0hr 20m
Unit 9
28 Feb — 18 Mar 18:00
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About the company

The Tom Sawyer Effect

The Pendulum is brought to you by The Tom Sawyer Effect, responsible for live experiences for VR titles Marvel Powers United and Killing Floor, Resident Evil and The Witcher video game titles, Stephen King and Robert Galbraith novels and institutions including The Eden Project, The Royal Court Theatre and WWF…and whose producers have also worked on The Crystal Maze Live and Time Run.