The Thing That Came To Dinner

An elegant dinner-party, quite ruined by an intergalactic shape-shifting space-monster.

In a snowbound manor-house an elegant dinner party is in full swing. But one guest is intent on more than just sophisticated repartee – one guest was not invited at all – one guest is a flesh-eating shape-changing space-beast from beyond the stars!

In this pleasant drawing-room, these charming revellers are not who they seem. Is it because they are desperate for social advancement? Is it because they have illicit histories that they wish to keep hidden? Or is it because they are a bloodthirsty world-conquering tentacular horror from another world!?

As suspicions rise, as layer upon layer of deceit and villainy is exposed, as guests are replaced, one by one, with homicidal alien doppelgangers, these high-society bon-viveurs turn against each other with brutal witticisms, savage quips and razor-sharp mots juste. Will anyone survive this evening of refined company and light entertainments? And if so, will what survives – be human…?

A chaotic farce where 80s sci-fi horror meets poised fin-de-siecle drawing-room comedy, The Thing That Came To Dinner is an absurd romp with cosmically pessimistic implications. Mannered naturalism gives way to impressionistic character doubling, clowning, puppetry and even song and dance, as the fragile reality of the play peels back and forth, and the elusive nature of identity slips further and further beyond our grasp. This is a play that tells a thrilling and hilarious story, and goes further, to touch on something more profound – at once extremely clever and very stupid.

1hr 00m
The Vaults
07 — 09 Feb 18:15
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About the company

Unseen Things

James Carney is the creator, writer, director and producer of the horror-comedy podcast The Unseen Hour – a show which originated at VAULT 2017, and has run as a live show with two new scripts every month at The Rosemary Branch Theatre since then. It featured at Edinburgh Fringe and the London Horror Festival, and returns to VAULT this year.

James Alexander saved the world by creating and performing his one man show ‘Jamie Saves the World’ at VAULT 2017 and is saving it again with ‘Jamie Saves the World 2: Save Harder’ at VAULT 2018 because a job worth doing is worth doing twice.

Artistic Team
Written, Directed, and Produced by
James Carney
Cabaret Consultant
Molly Beth Morossa
Clown Consultant
Sami Abu Wardeh
Rachele Rapisardi
The Unrecorded (Andrew Hayes, Nick Fraenkel)
Sound Design
Odinn Orn Hilmarsson
Stage Manager & Assistant Producer
Joseph Cullen
Creative Producers
Jamie McInnes and James King
Karla Marie Sweet, Sami Abu Wardeh, James Carney, Molly Beth Morossa