The Unseen Hour

An absurd horror comedy podcast performed as live radio theatre.

The Unseen Hour is an ongoing podcast, but each story stands alone. See two brand new episodes of the bizarre horror comedy back to back featuring appearances from special guest writers, performers and musicians. In this special anniversary show, after a year of successful monthly shows at The Rosemary Branch Theatre, The Unseen Hour returns to VAULT Festival where it all began.

These stories make take you to the belly of a whale, or into deep space. They may drag you back to the dawn of time or they may set a scene in a modern home. However, they all have something in common. There is always some terrible threat, some inescapable terror that closes in on our brave protagonists…

Listen to some episodes of The Unseen Hour podcast online at, or on your podcast app in advance, or just come along and let the show surprise you!

The Unseen Hour has been described as “The Goon Show mixed with every imaginable genre of horror, SF, and other weirdness”, and “A must-listen for fans of Night Vale, Uncanny County and The Thrilling Adventure Hour”.

The guests for The Unseen Hour have spanned the world, and include both new upcoming writers and performers, and experienced and celebrated artists such as playwrights Camilla Whitehill, Jimmy Osborne, and Rebecca Crookshank.

1hr 00m
The Vaults
08 Mar 18:10
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About the company

Unseen Things

James Carney is the creator, writer, director and producer of The Unseen Hour – which originated at VAULT 2017, has run as a live show with two new scripts every month at The Rosemary Branch Theatre since then, with extra shows at Edinburgh Fringe and the London Horror Festival. He performs regularly with Brice’s company The Owle Schreame.

Brice Stratford is the Artistic Director of The Owle Schreame Theatre Company, which has staged an array of historical theatrical rarities – lost curiosities, never-before-performed masterpieces, and pivotal, but completely overlooked theatrical styles. The most recent endeavour – DROLL – brings a forgotten short form of theatre from the English Commonwealth to life in a blaze of zestful silliness. You can see DROLL at VAULT this year (7-11 Feb) or, if you miss that, at The Rosemary Branch.

Joey is one of the two creators and producers of feminist wrestling double act Fake Heat – Two very British ladies obsessed with professional wrestling, battling to pin down what it is to be a woman – pitting female archetypes against each other in the biggest, baddest and bloodiest night of wrestling to ever hit you in the head with a steel chair.

All three of the main cast are experienced actors on stage, screen, audio and immersive work.

Andy Goddard is an award winning Director and Producer of audio drama and sound designer. His work includes Wooden Overcoats (Prix Europa nominee, Best Drama British Podcast Awards) Inside Donald Trump (BBC Audio Drama Awards – Best Online) The Unseen Hour and The Miniaturists Podcast. He is also a playwright and regular performer as part of The Night Company at Brasserie Zedel.

Artistic Team
James Carney, Brice Stratford, Joey Timmins, Andy Goddard

Press & Reviews

London Pub Theatres

"A fun-packed, fast-paced, energy-fuelled show... The Unseen Hour’ is utterly entertaining, full of wonderfully off-beat characters and leaves you with a smile on your face and a bounce in your step."

The Human Circus

“Highly enjoyable radio drama absurdity set in a horrifying world and performed live. Sharp dialogue, frequently hilarious, and at least a little creepy. Oh, and there’s nice music too! Great stuff!”

Join The Party

"[The Unseen Hour] perform their creepy, crawly sci-fi plays live on stage. Get ready to get spooked and excited – the perfect combo of for an audio drama.”