The Vagina Dialogues

Feminist, humorous, grotesque and a bit nude in its approach.

The Vagina Dialogues is a feminist exploration of judgment in contemporary society, drawn from personal experiences. There is music and singing too. The work is innately feminist, humorous, grotesque, and let’s face it, a little bit nude in its approach.

We lead with the topic of ‘woman’. The work challenges the female form and the position women have in a patriarchal society. Set to original and live music – composed and directed by The Völvas – The Vagina Dialogues demonstrates an unapologetic, uncensored, and sometimes grotesque honesty that is lacking in the representation of women today. It is not just relevant, but also entirely vital.

Inspired by personal experiences and provoking change, The Vagina Dialogues wants to invite you in. The show communicates “with truth and sensitivity, the trauma and violence that misogyny breeds.” (A Younger Theatre). It acknowledges who we are, what we represent, how we are seen and most importantly, what we want, all with a sense of fun and a brutal honesty. The Vagina Dialogues is “not preaching or trying to convert anyone – but instead asking the audience to love themselves and each other.” (Panoptic)

1hr 00m
Waterloo East Theatre
14 — 18 Feb
18 Feb
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About the company

The Völvas

The Völvas are an international and interdisciplinary feminist performance ensemble made up of 6 women, bringing a much needed update on feminist dialogue in our work.

At our core, we are presenting voices on stage that are under-represented, and in this we offer an audience something refreshing, unheard, and unapologetically honest. We are a group of diverse women from different backgrounds and varying experiences, all sharing the stage, to support and celebrate all that we are.

Through our work we show unity, vulnerability, and strength, creating a safespace to share experiences and tackle injustice. Together we strive for change.

Artistic Team
MJ Ashton, Sian Brett, Grace Hudson, Nancy Ofori Geywu & Jazmin Qunta

Press & Reviews

The Norwich Radical

"The Völvas clearly have a bright future ahead of them. ★★★★★"

The Panoptic


A Younger Theatre


Savage Journal

"The show, in all its dancing, singing nudity, is wickedly empowering."