Experimental show exploring themes of body positivity and female sexuality.

You want to be free. You want to walk the streets of San Francisco and follow Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady on the road. You want to follow them badly as you stare into faces of older men who rip you clothes apart and take you for granted. You want to shake your big hips as you are in control of everything and everyone around you. You want to possess and be possessed without seeming a little bit too slutty or whore like. You are in control of your own body and your fantasies, as you energetically type those words onto your friend’s type writer “I’m into you. Please be mine”. You remember that first kiss in the middle of a field, where his breath stank of LUCKY STRIKE, a present from an uncle from CHICAGO, and cheap wine.

THINGS THAT DO NOT C(O)UNT is an experimental feminist solo piece which explores themes of body positivity and female sexuality. World War II Poland, communist Poland and rapidly changing early naughties Poland as well as modern day London, serve as settings of this poetic story about three generations of women striving to claim their own bodies and desires. Partially autobiographic, Nastazja Somers’ multidisciplinary show co-created with Bj McNeill is a journey through time, space and body, a journey that aims to bring us closer to the understanding of body acceptance and our own longings.

This performance takes place at the Waterloo East Theatre. Please see the Your Visit page for the address and directions.

Tickets will go off-sale online at 5pm, but may still be available on the door from the Waterloo East Theatre Box Office.

1hr 00m
Waterloo East Theatre
14 — 18 Mar 19:45
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About the company


NO OFFENCE THEATRE is (probably) the only Polish-Australian company in London which creates European influenced work that puts women centre stage. No Offence’s debut production TORN APART (dissolution) by Bj McNeill played to sold out auditoriums in London and received high acclaim from the critics.

Artistic Team
Written & Performed by
Nastazja Somers
Co-created by
Bj McNeill