Tobacco Road

Presented by Incognito Theatre Company

Through explosive physical style, Tobacco Road tells the story of five resourceful young men and women attempting to carve out a place in the murky underworld of 1920's London. In the wake of the Great War, can they find the fame and wealth they crave or will their desperate need to belong lead to disastrous consequences?

Incognito seek to explore the stories that have gone untold in many history books, from the day- to-day struggle of being a female gangster in a male-dominated world to the complex and impossible standards of masculinity. Tobacco Road is a magnified examination of the real people who had to forge a life for themselves in a world that had ignored them.

By shining a light on gang activity, this exciting production investigates how young people find themselves embroiled in gang culture and why people felt they had no other option but to go into crime.

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Varies13 — 17 Feb
Network Theatre
1hr 00m
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About the company

Incognito Theatre Company

Borne of the staggering young talent of Young Pleasance in Islington, Incognito Theatre Company were one of the first companies to be nurtured by the Pleasance Theatre Trust as part of their ‘Pleasance Futures’ initiative. Incognito was formed after three years with the youth company and their debut show, an adaptation of Nikolai Gogol's ‘Government Inspector’ enjoyed success at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Incognito went on to enjoy two back-to-back sell out runs at Edinburgh with their shows ‘Dorian Gray’ and ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ whilst being supported by the Pleasance. After their 2016 run, Incognito became an independent company and ‘All Quiet..’ transferred to the Soho Playhouse New York for their Fringe Encore series and in 2017 Incognito returned to Edinburgh to reprise ‘All Quiet..’, enjoying a critically acclaimed 2 week run. The company was initially founded by 5 school friends and have had many associate artists join their productions. Now, Incognito proudly has an all-female led creative team.

In October 2017 Incognito embarked on a new challenge, new writing. ‘Tobacco Road’ had a R&D showcase at Pleasance Islington last Christmas and won the Les Enfants Terribles Greenwich Partnership Award 2018. The show debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018 and enjoyed a post-Edinburgh run at Greenwich Theatre as part of the award. Whilst the company will always enjoy adapting existing work we endeavour to develop and expand on new writing, working with new and upcoming playwrights as we grow.


Tom Carlisle: Angus Castle-Doughty
Frida Bow: Atlanta Hayward
Alfie Moss: Dan Whitlam
Felix Vance: George John
Elsie Murphy: Jennie Eggleton

Director: Roberta Zuric
Producer: Hannah Wisher
Stage Manager: Freya Jefferies
Choreographer: Zak Nemorin
Sound Designer: Oscar Macguire
Fight Choreographer: Lisa Connell
Poster and photography: Tim Hall

Press & Reviews

Tobacco Road Reviews and Quotes

British Theatre Guide - *****
‘Told with a rawness and a lot of pace, this is an absorbing and engaging performance, visceral at times yet controlled and polished, never once losing its way or going over the top.’

The Mumble - *****
‘Roberta Zuric offers us an earnest, provocative, thought provoking piece of theatre, with marvellous ensemble playing.’
‘Escapism or something more insightful – it’s up to you, and definitely worth a watch.’

Theatre Weekly - *****
‘Tobacco Road is an exemplary piece of physical theatre, the choreography from Zak Nemorin is stunning and flows at a ferocious pace.’
‘This piece of physical theatre tells a more important story than perhaps any of us dare imagine.’

The 730 Review - ****
‘The show is intimate, technical and highly physical; drawing the audience into this visceral flashback frame narrative. ‘
‘Tobacco Road stands up as an excellent piece of physical theatre. It’s vibrant, eye-catching and creates moments that leave one wanting more.’

Edinburgh Guide - ****
‘This is their first original production, and it is slick, sharp and sexy, combining physical theatre with their storytelling to make it fast paced and seamless.’
‘This company is incredibly exciting to watch, being subtle and intelligent at the same time as being punchy and loud.’
‘Incognito is a company that oozes talent and panache, and Tobacco Road is a must see of this year’s fringe.’

The Reviews Hub -  ****
‘Slick, stylish and assuredly executed’
‘[Incognito’s] unrelenting energy makes Tobacco Road a fast-paced and thrilling piece of theatre.’

Three Weeks - ****
‘The performances are staggeringly physical’
‘Beneath the spectacle, the living, breathing characters exude depth and complexity’