Treading Water

A lifeguard comedy of belly laughs, broken hearts, and biscuits.

Sue and Carol are lifeguards. Their routine is simple and their dreams seems equally so as they spend their days keeping the morning swimmers, the lone dog walkers, the evening strollers, and the day trippers safe. Day after day they sit, they wait, and they watch the world go by.

But when your job is to watch, when do you actually get to live?

And what are they waiting for? A sign of Danger?

Maybe that’s just what they need.

Each and every morning a lone figure appears on the sand; arriving early to make sure he gets the best treasure. They watch him, transfixed as he is wafting his equipment, listening for the beep… If only there were a way to get him to come over. If only there were a way to get him to say something. Anything.

Treading Water is a sweet tale about grabbing the bull by the horns, taking a risk, and making something – anything, happen. With snappy dialogue, moments of slapstick and some great laugh out loud moments, this is a hilarious and truly heart wrenching almost – love story.

1hr 00m
The Vaults
28 Feb — 04 Mar 18:10
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About the company

Kathryn Gardner

Kat is a writer and actor, originally from Oxford, who has been writing and staging plays since 2011.

She staged her first project, SEIZE THE DAY at the Oxford and Camden Fringe. She then toured TREADING WATER and A HEAD FOR HEIGHTS at regional venues across the country.

She staged HOLDING as a rehearsed reading at the SOHO theatre in 2012. She then staged small sections from the play as R&D at The Cockpit.

Last year she staged REPETITIVE BEATS at VAULT Festival. The play has since been commissioned for adaptation and will be in production in late 2018 premiering at the Edinburgh Festival.

There are also more exciting things happening in 2018.

Artistic Team
Writer & Performer
Kathryn Gardner
Amy Ambrose

Press & Reviews

Praise for Treading Water:

'A wonderful play that is both funny and sensitive' - Herts Gazette

'... funny and sensitive without being confused as to what it is. Gardner has an ear for comic dialogue and a wonderful understanding of pathos' - Daily Info

'...fleshed out so realistically, it never drops your attention' - Reviews Gate

'The show was punctuated with such moments of physical comedy and, combined with the tip-top script, It was a thoroughly entertaining production.' - Oxford Times

Praise for Repetitive Beats at VAULT Festival 2017:

'...well performed and engaging, it encourages you to care about the characters depicted and the choices they make.'

'Maybe Home secretary of 1994 Michael Howard who introduced the Criminal Justice Act was wrong when he claimed that a rave was bad for you' - British Theatre Guide

'Amy Ambrose as Leah is excellent'

'...intertwining lives veer from shared bliss to heavy comedowns once the euphoria wears off. Reality bites hard causing relationships to be tested and fractured with revelations in relations and state sanctioned subterfuge and sedition all in the mix.' - Theatre News