Wind Bit Bitter, Bit Bit Bit Her

Love, loss, madness, amputated limbs, and deep state conspiracy.

Dymchurch, England – sometime in the 2020s.

Mary and Charley have just lost their child. Now the couple have to go back to daily life and try to start again. Arguments break out, support breaks down, and the pair slowly drift apart. But then Mary finds a body part washed up on the beach – a child’s arm, amputated. And then she finds another body part. And another. And as she starts to collect the body parts, a conspiracy builds – and maybe Mary’s child isn’t quite so dead after all.

Against the back-drop of grief, Mary pursues her suspicions, plunged into a dirty, terrifying world of out-of-control science and experiments gone wrong.

1hr 30m
The Vaults
24 — 28 Jan 21:00
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About the company

cough // drop theatre

cough//drop is a new company that likes smashing stuff and being loud. It’s all about raucous storytelling, farce and drama mashed together – making you laugh and cry all at once. Last year, before the US election, we toured FORCE OF TRUMP across London – we got rave reviews for this nightmare satire that predicted the impossible: Donald Trump becoming President.

We create multicoloured, riotous, manic theatre. Maybe it’s theatre that soothes your throat or maybe it’s theatre that puts an uncomfortable tickle in your throat – before knocking you out.

Phoebe Vigor

Press & Reviews

Praise for Force of Trump

★★★★★ “The perfect example of satire” - THE OPEN DOOR

★★★★ “Strikes the perfect balance between satire and hard-hitting political commentary” - LONDON PUB THEATRES

★★★★ “a great production . . . the audience laughed countless times” - EVERYTHING THEATRE

★★★★ “It was hard to fault this production, so I won’t.” - THE NATIONAL STUDENT