A one man medley of action, comedy, and characters.

Welcome to Shadow City, a hellhole of a city, but a city none the less… Shadow City. Detective Jay Walker is dead, and with no leads and a case colder than…ice. Its up to his ex partner Patrick ‘Nobody calls me Patrick’ Wolf to bust some imaginary heads till he finds out whoever… or whatever killed Jay Walker.

A One-man medley of action, comedy, characters… and a car chase. Lewis Doherty presents ‘WOLF’.

1hr 00m
Network Theatre
11 — 15 Feb 21:15
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About the company

Lewis grew up in Nottingham England were he first knew he wanted to be an actor after being in Jesus Christ Superstar at secondary school. He’s been acting since, in commercials…

Watch now as he takes on way too much work for one actor in under an hour.

Artistic Team
Created by
Lewis Doherty
Sound Design by
Chazz Redhead