X-NN Systems: Meet Market

Avant-garde speed dating creating consensual, non-sexual intimate experiences between strangers.

Multisensory speed-dating-like event run by tech giant X-NN Systems, connecting people through non-sexual intimacy in record time. We welcome all, no matter your relationship status, gender or sexuality. This is not “dating” in a traditional sense.

What is Meet Market? What should I expect?

The experience takes the form of speed dating, however it is not dating. You do not have to be single to attend.

We break down all facets of human interaction, attraction and body chemistry to find out exactly what makes a great interpersonal connection. Each participant will undertake several quickfire activities, each a non-verbal exercise.

The aim is to see the essence of people, when all day to day details are stripped away- no “what do you do?”, “what is your name?”, or “what are you looking for?”, instead getting to know each other in a more intimate way.

You get out just as much as you put in. This is an audience led immersive experience so your full attention and participation will make or break the show. Meet Market is designed to bring you into a new state of mind in order to help you connect with those around you in new ways.

All ticket holders must read this information before attending:

• This is an 18+ event

• Participants do not have to be (romantically) single to attend.

• The experience will last up to 70 minutes. You must be comfortable moving around on your feet.

• Participation is required.

• Bad behaviour will not be tolerated.

• Consent forms must be signed to participate in the experience.

• Please present yourselves hygienically as you may be paired closely with other individuals.

• No bags can be carried during the show. There will be an area to leave belongings at your own risk.

• No intoxicated people. Intoxicated people cannot consent.

• No drinks can be carried with you during the show.

This production may be unsuitable for some. If you have any questions relating to the show, access needs or special requirements, please email us BEFORE purchasing your tickets hello@runhoratio.com

1hr 10m
The Vaults
21 — 25 Feb 21:00
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About the company


Runhoratio is a pseudo scientific events company. It creates installations, performances, films and events; blending live, interactive and digital performance to create innovative, therapeutic experiences based on scientific theory and investigation.

‘The Observatory’ 2015 was a meditation aid that offered its participants six specially designed cocktails. Armed with a pipette, each cocktail on the necklace test tube rack was dripped, drop by drop, onto the tongue allowing the layers of the cocktail to come through over the course of two minutes. The performance was designed around each cocktail correlating to different human emotions. It won ‘Spirit of the Festival Award’ at Vault Festival for its innovative and site-specific use of performance.

Since 2013, we have run ‘Dr Leon: Neural Enhancement’, a one-on-one simulated surgical experience. Patients their appointments were thrown into a decadent swirl of soft lighting, pleasant scents and gliding movements. The performance was designed to put patients at ease with the aim to make people more positive. Each patient had a chip implanted in their brains, an experience heightened through binaural augmented sound and visual distortion. It taught people techniques of meditation and gratitude, but disguised beneath pseudo-scientific narrative.

Predecessor to X-NN Systems: Meet Market, was ‘X-NN Systems: The Forest’. A quirky experience that investigated the role of individuals and interpersonal connectivity within a simulated reality. The Forest was a neural check up for ‘nodes’ enrolled in X-NN Systems’ employment programme. The programme allowed people to rent out their brains to use as a computer for between 1-600 day periods. From time to time, inefficiencies would arise, causing productivity to decline. The Forest tested people’s ability to connect to the people around them, use their senses to interpret stimuli and enhance the creative part of the brain. Those who did not perform well during the test would be decommissioned.
(See video below.)

Our company aims to introduce complex scientific subjects in a tongue in cheek, light hearted, and at times comedic fashion.

Artistic Team
Directed, Written & Produced by
Sofi Lee-Henson
Sound Design by
Emmet O’Donnell
Co-produced & Written by
Joseph Hayter
Technical Team
Felix Geen & Josha Cox
Visual Artist
Lea Dalissier
Ella Prendergast & Amy Louise Crothers

Press & Reviews

WIRED Magazine

"The Forest drives home themes of subservience and cultish devotion with just enough humour to keep it from being overwhelmingly oppressive... This is theatre that rewards participation.”

Alphr Magazine

“The show [The Forest] is affecting in how it makes the prospect of relinquishing control seem appealing. You quickly become accustomed to having your every movement monitored, and the subsequent smiles that come from staying in line.”


"There’s an undercurrent of mindfulness throughout the show [The Forest] and the robotic world you inhabit reminds you that in the real world you are more than a cog in a corporate wheel and the experiments are there to ‘awaken’ you.”

“The actors do a superb job of keeping everyone attentive and in line.... It’s fun and not exactly taxing, the acting standard was high and each cyborg had their own charm and way of easing people into the action.”