Young Corbyn: An Origin Story

Presented by Dark Mutters

Witness the creation of the legend.

Gasp(!) as a young Jeremy Corbyn successfully moves a motion calling for dentists to be employed by the NHS rather than private contractors.

Cheer(!) as a young Jeremy Corbyn literally ends apartheid in South Africa.

High-five(!) as a young Jeremy Corbyn is really, genuinely not an anti-Semite actually.

Young Corbyn charts the rise and rise of real, actual man, the Right Honourable Jeremy Bernard Corbyn MP, told through the mixed (biased) media of (among others) choric song, flash-dance and rhythm gymnastics.

This is the show the critics are calling: “Young Corbyn: An Origin Story”.

22:0006 — 10 Feb
Studio - The Vaults, Leake Street
1hr 00m
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About the company

Dark Mutters

Dark Mutters is Holly Morgan, Tom Moores, Paddy Fysh, Adam Rhys Davies, Nic Lamont and Lisa Millar. Morgan, Moores and Millar previously collaborated on 'Madonna or Whore' (Vault Festival Spirit Award) and 'Seven Crazy Bitches' (Highly Commended, Vault '16). Rhys Davies and Lamont are the Twins Macabre, a deliciously dark horror comedy duo as featured on BBC3's Live at the Electric and BBC Radio 4's Sketchorama. Fysh is an associate with Ginger Line.


Writers: Holly Morgan & Tom Moores

Cast: Tom Moores
Holly Morgan
Paddy Fysh
Nic Lamont
Adam Rhys Davies

Director: Lisa Millar

Press & Reviews

Praise for previous work:

On Holly Morgan: Madonna or Whore -

"Genuine creativity...heartfelt, light-hearted and empowering. It’s one of these rare breaths of fresh air that leaves you with a desire to start a revolution." - Miro Magazine

"Morgan’s script is tight and delivers brilliant punchlines and smart observations, giving us space to laugh and to think...The banter between them is perfectly timed." - The Wee Review

On 7 Crazy Bitches -

"Holly Morgan – superstar - and Tom Moores – pet man - create a beautiful piece of madness at the fringe" -

On Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas -

"A fully theatricalised lunatic performance from Moores. Both are excellent. Moores walks around like a badly pulled puppet with demented eyes that might pop it if not for his aviators."

On Major Tom -

"Sprinkled with unexpected Moores' hands Tom is a character I want to get to know" - Fringe Guru

For the Twins Macabre: 'Delightfully freaky.’ –The Telegraph

‘Sublime subversive cabaret duo.’ -Musical Theatre Review

‘Twisted sketches of suburban horror.’ -BBC3 Online

‘Brilliantly dark... their chemistry is electric.’ -Everything Theatre

‘Marvellous.’ –The Stage

***** 'Crime Doesn't Play is a rare gem - laugh-out-loud funny, delightfully unsettling and genuinely scary. An absolute treat - miss it at your peril.' -LondonPubTheatres

**** ‘The Twins Macabre are what would happen is Edgar Allan Poe had tried his hand at stand-up.’ -GrumpyGayCritic

**** ‘They make you laugh even when your skin crawls.’ –The List

**** ‘A darkly hilarious, nerve-jangling comedy rampage.’ –Broadway Baby

***** ‘I strongly suggest you go get locked up and chopped up.’ –

**** ‘The Twins Macabre is one not to be missed... an hour of mischief that will leave you wanting more.’-PostScript Journal

666/666 'Hilarious... what you would get if Wednesday and Pugsly had been fostered at the Rocky Horror Castle.' -HorrorHotHouse