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The creators of ‘Wrecked’ present you with an exciting opportunity to take part in a mini-project during the last few weeks of VAULT Festival.

Deadline: Friday 2nd March!

The creative team behind hit VAULT show Wrecked invite writers to submit scripts for short audio dramas set inside a car.

Scripts should be around 5-10 minutes in length, with a maximum of 4 performers required, set exclusively inside a car.

These scripts will then be developed by Director Jonathon Carr (‘Wrecked’) and Sound Designer John Wakefield (‘Wooden Overcoats’), performed by actors and turned into a series of audio dramas.

These audio files will be hidden around VAULT Festival in the form of QR codes and people will be invited to search for them. Each QR code will create a link to the audio and a cast and writer list.

This is an excellent small project that aims to bring companies together across the festival, and provide audiences with something different and fun. The project will be promoted throughout the remainder of the festival.

Please email any queries and all submissions to: [email protected]


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