Your Visit


VAULT Festival is a destination for your whole night – or even your whole day.
Across our venues you can find bars, great food and extra entertainment to turn your trip to the theatre into a real adventure. The information below can help you make the most of your visit.

Getting There

The majority of events happen under one roof at The Vaults, Waterloo, but for 2018, we’re joined by three new venues, all right around the corner: The Network Theatre, Waterloo East Theatre, and Travelling Through Bookshop. Please make sure you check your tickets carefully so you head to the right venue in good time.

The Vaults

Venues at The Vaults: Unit 9, Granby Place, Pit, Cavern, Cage, Brick Hall, Crescent, Studio, The Forge, The Punch, All LATES.

VENUE INFORMATION: Latecomers may be refused entry & your tickets will not be refunded.

DIRECTIONS: The Vaults, Leake St, London SE1 7NN. There is no parking.
Leave Waterloo Station via Exit 1. Turn right onto Station Road Approach and keep on the right hand side of the road. Walk all the way to the bottom of the road and go down the first set of stairs you come to and turn right at the bottom of the stairs. The entrance to the VAULT Festival is 10 metres down the graffiti tunnel on the right hand side.

Network Theatre

VENUE INFORMATION: Latecomers may be refused entry & your tickets will not be refunded.

DIRECTIONS: Network Theatre, 246A Lower Road, London SE1 8SF. Access to the Network Theatre (246A Lower Road) is via Launcelot Street (SE1 7AD). The Network Theatre will be open from 30 minutes before each performance.

Waterloo East Theatre

VENUE INFORMATION: Latecomers may be refused entry & your tickets will not be refunded. The Waterloo East Theatre will be open from 30 minutes before each performance.

DIRECTIONS: Waterloo East Theatre, Brad Street, London SE1 8TN.
Exit Waterloo tube or railway at Waterloo Road exit, cross over the pedestrian crossing bearing left and turn right into Sandell Street. Walk to the end and turn left under bridge and you will see Brad Street immediately on your right. The theatre entrance is on the corner.

Travelling Through Bookshop

VENUE INFORMATION: Latecomers may be refused entry & your tickets will not be refunded.

DIRECTIONS: Travelling Through… is located at the Westminster Bridge Road end of Lower Marsh (next door to The Scooter Cafe).

Food And Drink

With numerous bars and fantastic food provided by PopCo, VAULT Festival has everything you need to enjoy a whole day without going hungry.

VAULT 2018 Menu

Chicken Green Curry Thairrito* (DF) 7.50
Chilli, Ginger & King Prawn Thairrito (DF) 8.50
Kidney Bean Red Curry Thairrito (VG) 7.00

All thairritos come with lemongrass jasmine rice, refried pinto beans, spring onions, super fine 2 cabbage slaw, mild salsa, crispy shallots & a handful of nachos
*may contain crustaceans

Mac n’ Cheese (V) 6.00

Smoky 4 cheese Mac n Cheese, herby fried breadcrumbs
Add crispy streaky bacon +1.00
Add balsamic mushrooms +1.00

Nachos (V & GF) 5.00

Tortilla cjips, mature cheddar, mild tomato salsa, sour cream, black bean and charred corn, jalapeños
Add pulled pork +1.00
Add guacamole +1.00

Hearty & Warming Bean Stew (VG, DF, GF) 7.00

Spiced lightly, toasted sourdough
Add pulled pork +1.00

Cavalo Nero Caesar Salad (VG & DF) 7.00

Raw cavalo nero, vegan caesar dressing, yeast flakes, brown rice, roasted Delica squash, sourdough croutons

V=Vegetarian | VG=Vegan | GF=Gluten Free | DF=Dairy Free

About PopCo

We are Chavdar Todorov and Steven Estevez, two chefs who met while working in a local restaurant in Stoke Newington. After years working in some of London’s top restaurants, doing some corporate catering and generally trying to find the balance in life we decided to start on our own. Since, we have done a popup supper club, a variety of food events in The Vaults, a street food stall on Lower marsh and run the kitchen of the funkiest pub in town – Vaulty Towers. In short: we are the local boys!

For VAULT Festival, PopCo is teaming up with Steven’s brother Adam Estevez to create a selection of easy going delicious munchies. Expect fiery Thai burritos, for which we’ve coined the name Thairito, as well as hearty stews, the best mac n cheese in town, and some good old home-made nachos.


At our bars you can sample some of our specially designed cocktails, enjoy a G&T made with our very own VAULT gin distilled for us by Tarquin’s and mixed with Fentimans’ world famous natural botanicals, take your pick from our usual array of beers and ales on tap provided by Meantime, or even take it easy with our limited edition VAULT roast from Fire Station Coffee in Suffolk.


Frequently asked questions about your visit to the Festival.

When Is VAULT?

24th January – 18th March 2018, Wednesday to Sunday. We are closed on Mondays & Tuesdays.

Where Is VAULT?

The Vaults, Network Theatre, Waterloo East Theatre and several mobile venues in the immediate Waterloo area. Please see the Getting There section for directions and addresses.

What are your Opening Times?

These are the opening times for the Main Bars and Box Office at VAULT Festival, located at The Vaults, Waterloo. You’re welcome there, with or without a ticket, at any time. Please note that if you are attending a ticketed event at Network Theatre or Waterloo East Theatre, you must find your way to that specific venue in advance of the event time to guarantee admittance.

Weds 17:30 – 01:00
Thurs 17:30 – 01:00
Fri 17:30 – 03:00*
Sat 13:30 – 03:00*
Sun 13:30 – 00:00

*Please note that the MAIN BAR becomes a “LATES” event space at 22:30 on Friday and Saturday. These events are separately ticketed. If you do not have a ticket to the LATE event you’ll be relocated to our public bar, The Punch, at 22:30. This will be enforced, so please either bring your LATES ticket or make your way to The Punch bar before 22:30.

Can I come and look around for free?

Venue entry is free; come and enjoy the bar, grab a bite to eat, and have a look around – it’s a great way to decide which show to see or just to have a good time.

How do the tickets to shows work?

All shows and events are ticketed separately. This is because they’re all produced by different people – VAULT Festival aims to help artists make as much of a return from their work as possible while keeping an affordable pricing policy. One ticket gets you into one show – easy.

This means Day Tickets are not available, but there are packages and combo offers to be found if you want to go and see more than one show – which we highly recommend.

All ticket sales are final. Please see our terms and conditions for more details.

These 2-for-1 deals sound great, how do I get them?

Many of our shows (those running for a week or more) have a strictly limited number of 2-for-1 tickets available on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. To get hold of them, simply put two tickets in the basket, and if the discount is still available, it’ll be applied automatically! If it doesn’t, other early birds have caught those particular worms for that day – so you can either pay full price or try a different day.

Where’s my venue?

Most are at The Vaults. These are: Pit, Cavern, Cage, Studio, Brick Hall, Crescent, The Forge, The Punch & All LATES. Network Theatre is just next door, and Waterloo East Theatre is no more than a ten minute walk away. You can find addresses and directions to each venue above.

How long is my show? How many can I see in a night?

Most shows at VAULT 2018 fit into an hour long slot. This means they should finish not later than one hour after the stated start time – but it’s always best to leave a bit of a buffer between them because this is live theatre: sometimes things happen we can’t predict! All show durations are listed on their respective show pages.

I bought tickets but now I can’t come – help!

If you have mistakenly booked or can no longer attend, please contact the Box Office 48 hours in advance. We’ll do our best to swap your ticket to a date you can attend.

What are the LATES I keep hearing about?

VAULT LATES are a series of extravagant parties and themed events on Friday and Saturday night. Check out the LATES page to see what’s coming up and turn your evening into an unforgettable night.

Please note that the MAIN BAR becomes a LATES event space at 22:30 on Friday and Saturday. These events are separately ticketed. If you do not have a ticket to the LATE event you’ll be relocated to our public bar, The Punch, before half past ten. This will be enforced, so please either bring your LATES ticket or make your way to The Punch bar before 22:30.

All LATES events are 18+. Purchased tickets will not be refunded to anyone underage, and we will check: so please book carefully.

I’ve been in the venue for a while. Can I just stick around for the LATES?

Sorry, no. The artists and companies who put on the LATES are just as important to us as all the theatre shows and comedy nights. You wouldn’t wander into one of those without a ticket, so please do us a favour and either grab one in advance or find your way to The Punch if you don’t fancy it.

I’m running late, what do I do?

The volume of shows at VAULT Festival, and the intimate nature of the venues, means we must start performances on time. Doors will close 1 minute before the scheduled start time of the performance. If you arrive after this time, you may be denied entry and your tickets will not be refunded, so please: plan in advance and leave plenty of time to arrive. We know sometimes it’s unavoidable and we’re very sympathetic – but we can’t refund tickets if you don’t make your show. This is a festival-wide policy so please accept decisions as final.

If you can, get in touch with the Box Office as soon as you know there’s a problem and we might be able to help. We’ll do our best!

Do you have a bar?

Loads. They’re all great and open to the public whenever we are. The Network Theatre and Waterloo East have their own bars too, if you’re seeing a show there.

I’m hungry. Is there good food to eat?

Yes, and lots of it. The VAULT kitchen, featuring and array of delicious and warming delights, is open most of the time, and offers everything from hot snacks to full meals at very reasonable prices.

What’s accessibility like?

All venues at The Vaults (with the exception of the upstairs of the Punch), Network Theatre, and Waterloo East, are wheelchair accessible. Please contact Front of House in advance if you have questions or requirements. We can usually offer free Companion tickets, so please let us know in advance if that would be helpful.

Do you have a cloakroom?

The Cloakroom will be open Friday and Saturday nights from 10pm ONLY for LATES guests. Cloakroom is charged at £2 per item.

Can I take photos during a show?

Not usually, no. Please don’t whip our your fancy smartphone or camera during a performance unless you’ve been explicitly granted permission by the performers. Ignoring this can get you removed from the venue.

Are there Terms & Conditions I should read thoroughly before I come?

Yes, and thank you for asking. VAULT Festival operates under the attached terms and conditions, which you agree to by purchasing a ticket. So please read them.

Contact Us


For all ticketing & booking enquiries, including group bookings, please contact us directly at

If you need to get in touch over the phone, you can call the team on 07598 676 202. Before January 24th 2018, Box Office phone hours are from 1pm – 5pm, Monday – Friday. We receive a lot of calls so please bear with us if the call goes to voicemail – leave a message or send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

For general enquiries, please contact us directly on

Lost property? Email

For Press enquiries, please contact Frank Derrington from Full Fat on



If you’re unhappy with the service you receive from us, you can access our complaints procedure.
Two important things to consider before submitting a complaint:

  • Have you spoken to any of the VAULT Festival team in person, on email, or on the phone about this issue?
  • Have you allowed at least seven days for the team to respond to your request?

Contact our Complaints team

You can use the online complaints form to log your complaint, or via email on

Need help with making a complaint?

If you cannot make the complaint yourself, or simply want the support of others, please ask a friend, carer or other advocate to help you. Our complaints procedure is also open to those acting on your behalf, for example a residents’ association, MP, Councillor or Citizens Advice Bureau.